Supporting Patient- and Family-Centered Care at Miller Children’s Hospital, By Gary Fournier

Affiliated with the MemorialCare health care system, Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach in Long Beach, California provides specialized pediatric care, one of only eight such freestanding hospitals in the state. The hospital is the only trauma center for children in the region. It employs nearly 100 OB/GYN physicians who provide prenatal care (including high-risk pregnancies), and deliver more than 6,000 babies each year. About 8,000 children receive treatment in the seven major inpatient care centers, with another 84,000 children seen at the hospital’s specialty care and regional outpatient facilities. These centers care for children experiencing chronic illnesses such as asthma, cancer, diabetes, autism, and many other conditions requiring specialty services. In addition to its comprehensive pediatric care, the hospital serves as a recognized teaching and research center.

Miller Children’s Hospital services extend beyond the immediate community, growing to meet the needs of the region, while maintaining a commitment to quality and compassionate care. When its founders started the hospital in 1970, they included the concept of patient- and family-centered care, understanding the importance of including family members in the patient’s recovery. Furthermore, the hospital integrates spiritual healing and mind-body connection philosophies in its medical interventions. Its new four-story pavilion incorporates design elements that provide a welcoming environment for kids arriving for care. For information about the hospital and giving opportunities, visit

About the author:

Active in his community, Gary Fournier previously served on the Board of Directors of Miller Children’s Hospital. Mr. Fournier is a Managing Director at the Los Angeles office of JP Morgan. He manages over $1 billion in investments made by high-profile clients.


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