The Center for Learning Unlimited: An Overview By Gary Fournier

The Center for Learning Unlimited, in Torrance, California, offers an extensive catalog of programs geared toward helping children with special emotional and/or educational needs reach their academic and social potential. The organization’s primary objective is to build strong relationships between fellow learners and the staff at the organization. This Relationship-Based Activity Program (RAP) approach allows students to receive the educational instruction they require while reaping the benefits of a social setting that fosters mutual support.

Thanks to the RAP approach, the Center has been able to focus on children with Asperger’s syndrome, bipolar disorder, and other conditions that can impact their ability to socialize and learn in group settings. To help these students, the Center employs educators at every learning level to provide one-on-one support and learning methods tailored to each student. Ideally, the Center’s staff can help students transition back into public or private school and use their newfound learning and social skills to succeed.

In addition to full-time education programs, the Center also provides after-school programs as well as a catalog of AP and credit-recovery courses for students who require a greater challenge or who need help catching up in class.

Visit to learn more about the Center.

About the Author

A money manager and broker with more than 30 years of experience, Gary Fournier supports charitable organizations such as the Center for Learning Unlimited and Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy.


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