Gary Fournier: Over Thirty Years of Finance Experience Across Six Companies

The financial industry is in constant flux; Los Angeles businessman Gary Fournier has changed with the times. Over the decades, Mr. Fournier has seen mergers, buy-outs, and all kinds of market shifts, and is now a money manager for hundreds of reputable clients.

At White Weld, where Gary Fournier ran the Century City Office for the company, Mr. Fournier became one of the youngest partners in company history. At Kidder Peabody, he performed the first over-the-counter shelf registration in the United States. While working for Smith Barney as Senior Vice President, Mr. Fournier was featured in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine.

Gary Fournier left his position as Senior Vice President at UBS/Payne Webber, to move to Bear Stearns; he became a Managing Director handling over $1 billion for famous clients, and remained a Managing Director when JP Morgan bought Bear Stearns.

Mr. Fournier brings to bear all this financial expertise to help his local community. In addition to numerous personal donations and fundraisers hosted, Gary Fournier served on the Board of Directors for Miller Children’s Hospital and offered financial assistance to Parents Helping Parents.


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