Gary Fournier: The Right to Education

The managing director of JP Morgan, Gary Fournier, is an advocate of The Center for Learning Unlimited (CLU). CLU started out as a modest tutoring agency in the Rolling Hills Estate in California in the year 1985. Today, it is a specialized school dedicated to children with learning disabilities and it is currently located in Torrance, California. To achieve their goal, The Center has put together a team of language specialists, educators, physicians, and psychologists to help the children learn.

Mr. Fournier provided CLU with assistance in the form of donations. He has donated several sports memorabilia that were used for fundraiser auctions. To provide more support, he has even hosted some of the fundraisers in his own home. He is also responsible for establishing The Center’s library; he bought the furnishings, books, and the technology needed for the advancement of the said library. He did all of this so that the school could expand their operations and subsequently help more children.



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