The Center for Learning Unlimited’s Summer RAP Camps

As a managing director at J.P. Morgan in Los Angeles, California, Gary R. Fournier oversees funds in excess of $1 billion. Gary R. Fournier balances his professional accomplishments with a dedication to his community, having organized numerous fundraisers for local organizations such as the Center for Learning Unlimited (CLU).

Based in Torrance, California, the Center for Learning Unlimited is dedicated to empowering children with special needs to become capable, successful individuals. The organization helps to facilitate emotional, social, and academic development through a variety of educational resources.

In addition to offering full- and part-time academic programs for students from kindergarten through high school, CLU provides classes and camps during the summer. The Summertime Relationship-based Activity Program (RAP) is open to all students regardless of their educational needs and offers an opportunity to build both social and practical skills, from empathy and respect to planning and decision making.

CLU offers RAP camps four days a week during its summer school sessions, focusing primarily on cooking and adventure. At the conclusion of summer school, CLU begins its Let’s Go August! RAP camp programming. These full-day sessions include a week of community outings at locations such as zoos, aquariums, and movie theaters. Supported by trained guides, camp attendees can form lasting friendships while practicing life skills in various environments.


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