Heal Africa Helps People in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Heal Africa pic
Heal Africa
Image: healafrica.org

With more than three decades of experience as a money manager, Gary Fournier serves as managing director for J.P. Morgan in Los Angeles. His clients include many high-profile individuals, and he is responsible for managing over $1 billion in client assets. Outside of work, Gary Fournier supports a wide range of charities, including Heal Africa.

Heal Africa is a charity based in Goma, in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The 12th largest country in the world and two-thirds the size of Western Europe, DRC has experienced extreme political violence in the last 20 years, with millions killed and more than a million people forced to flee their homes. Heal Africa’s goal is to help the people of DRC heal from these emotional and physical scars.

One way Heal Africa does this is with its 197-bed hospital. Accounting for 20% of the organization’s efforts, the hospital provides care to those in need of surgery and medical care in a broad range of medical specialties. The remaining 80% of Heal Africa’s efforts go toward building healthy individuals and strong communities. It partners with more than 90 remote hospitals and clinics to provide programs pertaining to gender-based violence, public health, micro-loans, law and justice, and spiritual development.


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