Center for Learning Unlimited – Meeting Students Unique Learning Needs

The Center for Learning Unlimited pic
The Center for Learning Unlimited

Named a Top Financial Advisor by Barron’s in California, Gary Fournier is a managing director at JP Morgan in Los Angeles. Outside of work, Gary Fournier contributes to several local organizations, including the Center for Learning Unlimited, which assists children with learning disabilities.

Since its founding in 1985, the Center for Learning Unlimited in Torrance, California, has evolved from a small tutoring agency into a specialized day school for students with complex learning challenges. To meet the needs of these students, the center offers individualized education plans and structured year-round programming. At the heart of the center’s approach is a relationship-based intervention model, which has helped 90 percent of its students return to their original public or private school. Further, this model has helped 60 percent of the school’s students earn a high school diploma and 70 percent complete a postsecondary program.

Recognizing the complexity of students’ learning challenges, the Center for Learning Unlimited relies on a multidisciplinary team consisting of educators, psychologists, physicians, and speech and language specialists. Together, these professionals not only help students with their unique challenges but also celebrate their abilities to help them become self-directed learners and reach their educational goals.


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