Gary Fournier: The Right to Education

The managing director of JP Morgan, Gary Fournier, is an advocate of The Center for Learning Unlimited (CLU). CLU started out as a modest tutoring agency in the Rolling Hills Estate in California in the year 1985. Today, it is a specialized school dedicated to children with learning disabilities and it is currently located in Torrance, California. To achieve their goal, The Center has put together a team of language specialists, educators, physicians, and psychologists to help the children learn.

Mr. Fournier provided CLU with assistance in the form of donations. He has donated several sports memorabilia that were used for fundraiser auctions. To provide more support, he has even hosted some of the fundraisers in his own home. He is also responsible for establishing The Center’s library; he bought the furnishings, books, and the technology needed for the advancement of the said library. He did all of this so that the school could expand their operations and subsequently help more children.



Programs Offered at the Center for Learning Unlimited, By Gary Fournier

A dedicated supporter of the Center for Learning Unlimited, financial professional Gary Fournier has given both his time and resources to help the school expand its offerings and resources. A non-profit school, the Center for Learning Unlimited helps struggling students to rediscover their academic potential.

Though originally a small after-school program, today, the organization has grown into a multi-tiered educational center that provides a wide range of curricular facilities for students from various academic backgrounds.

Working with students, parents, teachers, psychologists, physicians, speech and language specialists and other professionals, the Center for Learning Unlimited offers:

• Full-time Educational Programs for Grades 2 to 12.

• Part-time Educational Programs – These include the Relationship-based Activity program, Blended Day (for grades 2-12), and AP and Credit Recovery Courses.

• Diagnostic/Prescriptive Program – An intensive, interdisciplinary program that places special attention on a particular student, and works to meet his or her unique needs.

• Summer School – A variety of programs offered during the summer break, all of which bring students together to practice and hone their basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Gary Fournier Discusses The Center for Learning Unlimited

According to Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism advocacy organization, autism affects one out of every 88 children in the United States each year. It is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the country. The Center for Learning Unlimited (CLU) has been helping educate children with autism for nearly three decades.

Gary Fournier, a notable Los Angeles philanthropist, actively supports The Center for Learning Unlimited and shares his thoughts on how others can do the same:

Make a Donation – The CLU is a nonprofit organization that depends on the contributions of supporters to continue making a positive impact on the lives of its students.

Attend an Event – Each year, the CLU sponsors a charity car event, the Rev’ved Up 4 Kids Charity Car Show. Sponsored by Edelbrock, LLC, and held in Torrance, California, the event features more than 600 cars, live entertainment, and plenty of fun-filled activities for the entire family.

Support a Local Fundraiser – The CLU periodically partners with local retail outlets, such as Barnes and Noble and Johnny Rockets, to help raise funds for the Center. Those wishing to support the Center can do so by frequenting the outlets that have partnered with the Center for a fundraiser.

Gary Fournier is currently a Managing Director at JP Morgan in Los Angeles. In addition to The Center for Learning Unlimited, he also supports local community organizations, such as the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy and Parents Helping Parents.

Gary Fournier: Over Thirty Years of Finance Experience Across Six Companies

The financial industry is in constant flux; Los Angeles businessman Gary Fournier has changed with the times. Over the decades, Mr. Fournier has seen mergers, buy-outs, and all kinds of market shifts, and is now a money manager for hundreds of reputable clients.

At White Weld, where Gary Fournier ran the Century City Office for the company, Mr. Fournier became one of the youngest partners in company history. At Kidder Peabody, he performed the first over-the-counter shelf registration in the United States. While working for Smith Barney as Senior Vice President, Mr. Fournier was featured in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine.

Gary Fournier left his position as Senior Vice President at UBS/Payne Webber, to move to Bear Stearns; he became a Managing Director handling over $1 billion for famous clients, and remained a Managing Director when JP Morgan bought Bear Stearns.

Mr. Fournier brings to bear all this financial expertise to help his local community. In addition to numerous personal donations and fundraisers hosted, Gary Fournier served on the Board of Directors for Miller Children’s Hospital and offered financial assistance to Parents Helping Parents.

The Center for Learning Unlimited: An Overview By Gary Fournier

The Center for Learning Unlimited, in Torrance, California, offers an extensive catalog of programs geared toward helping children with special emotional and/or educational needs reach their academic and social potential. The organization’s primary objective is to build strong relationships between fellow learners and the staff at the organization. This Relationship-Based Activity Program (RAP) approach allows students to receive the educational instruction they require while reaping the benefits of a social setting that fosters mutual support.

Thanks to the RAP approach, the Center has been able to focus on children with Asperger’s syndrome, bipolar disorder, and other conditions that can impact their ability to socialize and learn in group settings. To help these students, the Center employs educators at every learning level to provide one-on-one support and learning methods tailored to each student. Ideally, the Center’s staff can help students transition back into public or private school and use their newfound learning and social skills to succeed.

In addition to full-time education programs, the Center also provides after-school programs as well as a catalog of AP and credit-recovery courses for students who require a greater challenge or who need help catching up in class.

Visit to learn more about the Center.

About the Author

A money manager and broker with more than 30 years of experience, Gary Fournier supports charitable organizations such as the Center for Learning Unlimited and Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy.

Supporting Patient- and Family-Centered Care at Miller Children’s Hospital, By Gary Fournier

Affiliated with the MemorialCare health care system, Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach in Long Beach, California provides specialized pediatric care, one of only eight such freestanding hospitals in the state. The hospital is the only trauma center for children in the region. It employs nearly 100 OB/GYN physicians who provide prenatal care (including high-risk pregnancies), and deliver more than 6,000 babies each year. About 8,000 children receive treatment in the seven major inpatient care centers, with another 84,000 children seen at the hospital’s specialty care and regional outpatient facilities. These centers care for children experiencing chronic illnesses such as asthma, cancer, diabetes, autism, and many other conditions requiring specialty services. In addition to its comprehensive pediatric care, the hospital serves as a recognized teaching and research center.

Miller Children’s Hospital services extend beyond the immediate community, growing to meet the needs of the region, while maintaining a commitment to quality and compassionate care. When its founders started the hospital in 1970, they included the concept of patient- and family-centered care, understanding the importance of including family members in the patient’s recovery. Furthermore, the hospital integrates spiritual healing and mind-body connection philosophies in its medical interventions. Its new four-story pavilion incorporates design elements that provide a welcoming environment for kids arriving for care. For information about the hospital and giving opportunities, visit

About the author:

Active in his community, Gary Fournier previously served on the Board of Directors of Miller Children’s Hospital. Mr. Fournier is a Managing Director at the Los Angeles office of JP Morgan. He manages over $1 billion in investments made by high-profile clients.