The Center for Learning Unlimited’s Let’s Go Summer Camp

Let’s Go Summer Camp pic
Let’s Go Summer Camp

A respected financial services professional, Gary Fournier has been ranked among Barron’s Top 1,200 advisors in the country. For over a decade, he has worked with clients as a managing director with JP Morgan in Los Angeles. Gary Fournier also finds time to give back to the community through his support of a number of organizations, including the Center for Learning Unlimited (CLU).

CLU is a highly individualized day school in Torrance, California, that serves students with unique learning challenges in grades K-12. In its mission to support the academic, social, and emotional growth of its students, CLU oversees a variety of full-time and part-time education programs throughout the year. Each summer, the organization offers several programs and activities, including its Let’s Go summer camps.

Featuring art and music activities as well as sensory experiences and daily field trips, Let’s Go camps are designed for middle and early high school students with autism, bipolar disorder, learning difficulties, attention deficit issues, or other social skills difficulties. All activities are led by full-time CLU staff members who help campers have fun while they build social and cognitive skills.

CLU’s 2017 Let’s Go summer camps will be held over three sessions starting at the end of July. Each four-day session will be held Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and the cost to attend is $400. For specific dates and additional details, visit


Center for Learning Unlimited – Meeting Students Unique Learning Needs

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The Center for Learning Unlimited

Named a Top Financial Advisor by Barron’s in California, Gary Fournier is a managing director at JP Morgan in Los Angeles. Outside of work, Gary Fournier contributes to several local organizations, including the Center for Learning Unlimited, which assists children with learning disabilities.

Since its founding in 1985, the Center for Learning Unlimited in Torrance, California, has evolved from a small tutoring agency into a specialized day school for students with complex learning challenges. To meet the needs of these students, the center offers individualized education plans and structured year-round programming. At the heart of the center’s approach is a relationship-based intervention model, which has helped 90 percent of its students return to their original public or private school. Further, this model has helped 60 percent of the school’s students earn a high school diploma and 70 percent complete a postsecondary program.

Recognizing the complexity of students’ learning challenges, the Center for Learning Unlimited relies on a multidisciplinary team consisting of educators, psychologists, physicians, and speech and language specialists. Together, these professionals not only help students with their unique challenges but also celebrate their abilities to help them become self-directed learners and reach their educational goals.

The Center for Learning Unlimited Helps Complex Children Learn

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The Center for Learning Unlimited

Rated #78 among Barron’s top financial advisors for 2015, Gary Fournier is responsible for more than $1 billion in assets as managing director at J.P. Morgan Securities in Los Angeles, California. Actively involved in many charitable causes, Gary Fournier supports The Center for Learning Unlimited (CLU).

The CLU believes that every young person should have the hope of succeeding both as a student and as an adult in the world after leaving school. The CLU began as a small after-school tutoring agency and evolved into a school that helps children in grades K-12 with unique learning and behavioral challenges.

The CLU begins by assessing a new student’s special challenges and specific styles of learning that may be getting in the way of a successful school experience. With the help of professionals including psychologists, psychiatrists, and occupational and speech therapists, the assessment covers the student’s strengths and weaknesses. The CLU then designs an individualized lesson plan and prepares relationship-based interventions with the goal of helping the student get back on a path to successful learning.

Diagnostic Program at the Center for Learning Unlimited

The managing director for Bear Stearns and then JP Morgan, Gary Fournier has earned recognition as one of the Top Advisors in California from Barron’s. When not managing money for JP Morgan, Gary Fournier supports charitable and community organizations, such as the Center for Learning Unlimited.

The Center for Learning Unlimited, an educational institution serving those with Asperger’s and autism, offers a Diagnostic/Prescriptive Program for students in second grade through high school. This program aims to help those with learning difficulties better understand the particular challenges that are impeding their educational progress, in the hopes of overcoming them.

The Diagnostic/Prescriptive Program draws on the skill of experts in psychology, psychiatry, speech, and occupational therapy to diagnose the student’s abilities and weaknesses. After diagnosis, the team of professionals then uses this information to create customized plans that address the individual needs of each student.

For more information about this program and the Center for Learning Unlimited, visit or call 310-997-1900 and choose extension 3 to speak with the admissions and testing coordinator.

The Center for Learning Unlimited’s Summer RAP Camps

As a managing director at J.P. Morgan in Los Angeles, California, Gary R. Fournier oversees funds in excess of $1 billion. Gary R. Fournier balances his professional accomplishments with a dedication to his community, having organized numerous fundraisers for local organizations such as the Center for Learning Unlimited (CLU).

Based in Torrance, California, the Center for Learning Unlimited is dedicated to empowering children with special needs to become capable, successful individuals. The organization helps to facilitate emotional, social, and academic development through a variety of educational resources.

In addition to offering full- and part-time academic programs for students from kindergarten through high school, CLU provides classes and camps during the summer. The Summertime Relationship-based Activity Program (RAP) is open to all students regardless of their educational needs and offers an opportunity to build both social and practical skills, from empathy and respect to planning and decision making.

CLU offers RAP camps four days a week during its summer school sessions, focusing primarily on cooking and adventure. At the conclusion of summer school, CLU begins its Let’s Go August! RAP camp programming. These full-day sessions include a week of community outings at locations such as zoos, aquariums, and movie theaters. Supported by trained guides, camp attendees can form lasting friendships while practicing life skills in various environments.

Programs Offered at the Center for Learning Unlimited, By Gary Fournier

A dedicated supporter of the Center for Learning Unlimited, financial professional Gary Fournier has given both his time and resources to help the school expand its offerings and resources. A non-profit school, the Center for Learning Unlimited helps struggling students to rediscover their academic potential.

Though originally a small after-school program, today, the organization has grown into a multi-tiered educational center that provides a wide range of curricular facilities for students from various academic backgrounds.

Working with students, parents, teachers, psychologists, physicians, speech and language specialists and other professionals, the Center for Learning Unlimited offers:

• Full-time Educational Programs for Grades 2 to 12.

• Part-time Educational Programs – These include the Relationship-based Activity program, Blended Day (for grades 2-12), and AP and Credit Recovery Courses.

• Diagnostic/Prescriptive Program – An intensive, interdisciplinary program that places special attention on a particular student, and works to meet his or her unique needs.

• Summer School – A variety of programs offered during the summer break, all of which bring students together to practice and hone their basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.