Long Beach Hospital Dedicated to Children’s Well-Being

Long Beach Hospital pic
Long Beach Hospital
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For more than 10 years, Gary Fournier has served as a managing director with JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Los Angeles securities office. A 2017 Barron’s article ranking him among the top 100 financial advisors in California listed assets under his management of more than $1.3 billion. In addition, Gary Fournier supports numerous charitable causes in his community, including Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital, for which he previously served as a board member.

The Long Beach hospital assists in 6,000 births every year, about 800 of which are particularly high-risk. With more than 800 doctors and pediatric residents and more than 400 nurses, Miller Children’s serves some 80,000 outpatients annually as well. Its staff concentrates not only on general medicine, but on treating a number of specific conditions, such as cystic fibrosis and infectious diseases.

The hospital traces its beginnings back to the 1960s, a time in which Long Beach hospitals offered few pediatric services other than surgeries. But a forward-thinking Physician, Dr. Harry Orme, decided to change that.

Dr. Orme wanted to create a family-and child-centered facility in Long Beach similar to those he had seen in his travels. The philanthropic Miller family, and other local donors, contributed the capital funding necessary for the new hospital’s construction. It opened its doors in 1970, with Dr. Orme as its first medical director.

Over the years, Miller Children’s has expanded its services to encompass physical rehabilitation, dentistry, genetics, and programs designed to address behavioral and emotional issues.


The Center for Learning Unlimited Helps Complex Children Learn

The Center for Learning Unlimited pic
The Center for Learning Unlimited
Image: cflu.org

Rated #78 among Barron’s top financial advisors for 2015, Gary Fournier is responsible for more than $1 billion in assets as managing director at J.P. Morgan Securities in Los Angeles, California. Actively involved in many charitable causes, Gary Fournier supports The Center for Learning Unlimited (CLU).

The CLU believes that every young person should have the hope of succeeding both as a student and as an adult in the world after leaving school. The CLU began as a small after-school tutoring agency and evolved into a school that helps children in grades K-12 with unique learning and behavioral challenges.

The CLU begins by assessing a new student’s special challenges and specific styles of learning that may be getting in the way of a successful school experience. With the help of professionals including psychologists, psychiatrists, and occupational and speech therapists, the assessment covers the student’s strengths and weaknesses. The CLU then designs an individualized lesson plan and prepares relationship-based interventions with the goal of helping the student get back on a path to successful learning.